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About NQEO

North Queensland Essential Oils is a cooperative formed by tea tree growers in Dimbulah, Far North Queensland in 1994. Members of NQEO have commercial tea tree plantations consisting of solely Melaleuca alternifolia trees over the Atherton Tablelands (banner picture). NQEO currently has 16 members (16 farmers) with a board of five directors. Two of the directors were involved in the original process of establishing the Cooperative with the Chairman, Mr Italo Pellizzer having been on the board for 2 the past years.

Collectively NQEO produce over 70MT of Tea Tree essential oil, all of which meets today’s ISO Standards and is commended for its typically low cineol levels.

Situated around 2,000 kilometers North from much of the traditional tea tree growing areas in Australia, this area of Australia enjoys around 300 days of sunshine a year and is the perfect conditions to producing tea tree oil. The geographical location also means that harvesting times are spread over a longer period of time and in many cases NQEO are still harvesting in November and December, much later than most.

Tea Tree essential oil is Australia’s best recognised and largest exported essential oil. Known for its therapeutic benefits it has become a personal favourite essential oil for one of Jandico’s Directors (see ‘My Favourite’ written for IFEAT World April 2016) and having dealt with NQEO for 10 year’s it is with a personal touch Jandico can vouch for the quality in the product they produce and the people within the Cooperative.


  • Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca alternafolia
Company North Queensland Essential Oil Cooperative
Origin Australia
Address 39 Raleigh Street Dimbulah Queensland Australia 4872