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About Aromax

AROMAX is a Haitian essential oil distillation company that specialises in Amyris (Amyris balsamifera) and Vetiver (Vetiver zizanioides). The largest of three local Amyris producers and have recently significantly invested in their vetiver capacities by upgrading existing facilities and procuring others. AROMAX are dedicated to supplying the market with 100% pure and natural oil at a fair and sustainable price.

Amyris balsamifera trees are native to Haiti and grow wild in difficult to access mountainous regions in the South East of the country and are only collected only when the wood is dead and dried. The wood is then transported on mules to the bottom of the mountain where it is collected and transferred to the distillation plant for processing. AROMAX work closely with farmers and collectors who gather the wood and pay a premium price, in advance, to ensure there is no risk of encouraging deforestation to meet supply demands. The dry wood produces an optimum yield between 2-4% and a premium quality of oil. Amyris essential oil is production by steam distillation over a continuous process lasting around a week. Today the oil quality averages an optical rotation of 28-34%, with distillation capacities of 18MT per annum which is set to grow with continuous upgrades of the facility.

AROMAX have also recently invested in their in-house vetiver production (Vetiver zizanioides), as well as acquiring and investing in several other smaller production sites.  New distillation equipment is now being optimised during the 2018/19 vetiver season which started January 2019. Subject to raw material supplies production will reach up to 3MT per month during the harvest period (January to March).

The main AROMAX factory is to undertake further refurbishments during 2019 to ensure it meets growing demand and international standards and best practices.


  • Amyris Oil Amyris balsamifera
  • Vetiver Oil Vetiver zizanioides
Company Aromax LLC, SA
Origin Haiti
Address Route Nationale 2
Rue de la Montagne
Haiti W.I.