Supply Solutions Award

Here at Jandico we are delighted to have received this award in recognition of our approach for improved visibility in your supply chains. It’s a small gesture which helps to keep us motivated in the knowledge that our model is accepted and appreciated amongst our clients as well as benefiting our partners.

We are now in our 3rd year of representing producers and farmers and we are delighted that recently many of our current partners have signed further long-term contracts with us so we can continue the progress we have been making in establishing them in the market.

Since moving into our partnership agreements from February 2018 we have helped generate £6 million (€6.85m, $7.5m) of new sales for our long term partners.  In addition to this we have helped other producers and resellers raise £2m (€2.3m, $2.5m) on a spot basis to either assist in releasing cash within their business or finding short term supply solutions for our clients.  

We are currently evaluating a number of potential new partners which we may add to our portfolio should we believe it is something of mutual benefit to those prospective producers and our clients. We are also working with our existing partners to review their current product offering and investigate what other crops may be beneficial to plant or wild harvest in the medium term. We hope that in bridging the gap between the buyers and the producers, producers can be more dynamic in their approach to what they grow.

We do want to say a big thank you for those who have supported us during our early years – we certainly couldn’t have done this without our fantastic partners and some great clients around the world. Let’s hope that post Covid-19 our industry gets back on track quickly as a buoyant market is good for everyone. In the mean-time stay safe and stay positive.

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