Milestones & Business Review

It’s been 6 years since Jandico started to represent essential oil producers with the intension of finding those partners new clients and markets, opening both sides of the supply chain with a short and transparent way of working. During this time, we have managed to award £32 million ($40 million) in sales to our partners which amounted to over 900MT of essential oils shipped to our clients. It’s a strategic way of working in which others have followed more recently which we are proud to have helped pioneer.

During this period Jandico have partnered with 11 producers from all around the world. Some of these have since moved on, others have been sold and there are some that have stayed with us much longer than we ever expected and are now integral to our future.  Within these 6 years we have seen some dramatic changes in our industry, some of which was influenced by Covid 19, others may have been impacted by the saturation of the aromatherapy sector. These changes have challenged the way in which we work, not just at Jandico, but across the industry. It is with these changes our business needs to evolve so it continues to support our clients and the supply chains we’ve worked hard to establish.

Buying patterns have certainly changed in recent years. Inconsistent demand patterns coupled with the cost of borrowing, regulatory constraints and higher shipping costs has questioned buyer’s minds on how to best navigate through these changing times.  Buyers need choices and this has been instrumental to how we plan to help our partners grow and support healthy business for all. With each partner comes a different set of challenges. Each product from each partner has been impacted in different ways over the past years, whether it be a change in demand, climatic variations or most commonly for us, political movements, so how we support each partner can be a little different.

The process of evaluating our business is perpetual and we will continue to adapt to the times. For now, we are pleased to share that Jandico are stocking more and more products on consignment for our partners, primarily based in Rotterdam and Istanbul and we have also completed our first REACH application on Haitian Vetiver to support our work in that market.  This will help reduce the risk of delays in the supply chain from politically unstable regions and consolidate shipping charges which is a cost benefit to our clients. It also reduces lead-time to our clients in Europe, UK, Turkey and the Middle East.  

Plans are in place to expand our European business and more exciting new announcements are imminent.

Jonpaul Howarth
Director & Co-Founder