Haitian Market Updates


Wood supplies have remained difficult throughout 2019 as collectors opt for safer work in the main towns and cities. Wood supplies are thought to be close to only 30% of what they have been in recent years. To add to the problems for the several producers in Haiti all have had plant issues from fires to breakdowns which has impeded production rates. Since late July torrential rains have also caused problems and with a nationwide fuel crisis looming the outlook isn’t positive.

It is more likely that we will see very little production during Q4 2019.


Supplies throughout the have continued to remain ample with current pricing lower than historical averages.

After a good 2019 season (January to March) supplies have been plentiful but the political and economical situation in Haiti has disrupted production and supplies. Despite this price have also fallen to more acceptable levels for buyers so the difference between the varying origins isn’t as apparent.

In the face of local adversity Aromax have been making investments to their production facility and their farming supply chain and have commanded a strong position on price and quality.

It is too early to forecast the 2020 season but short term there are some supply issues as this July/August period has been disrupted by bad weather, local protests and with a national fuel shortage likely to to prevail for some weeks we could have already seen the end of the vetiver production for this year.