FROST Market Updates


Production has fallen over the past 2 years as producers fight to rebalance the markets after a period of over cultivation. Frost produced 2MT of organic oil this year which is the largest producer and exporter in the country as they try to manage a sustainable future for the product in this region. Unlike historically there are now good volumes of higher neryl acetate (above 8%) material available which is appealing to those who previously preferred the Corsican type giving buyers a viable alternative at more competitive pricing.


The market has struggled for good quality material for some time especially after a very low yielding season in 2018. Prices have firm amidst strong demands from the flavour markets (especially for gin) and we all await the start of the new season which is running about 1 month late due to late rains in May. Currently there is no material availability but expect this to change during Q4.

Clean dried berries waiting to become a beautiful essential oil