Flinders Island Kunzea Launched by EOT

We are pleased to be bringing this fantastic essential oil to the market through Essential Oils of Tasmania (EOT) who have breathed new life into the current viability, availability and future sustainability of the product.

Once only cultivated to produce a few kilos of oil each year, EOT, through their farming network have been investing in recent years in a project on Flinders Island to allow for ethical and sustainable farming on Kunzea and other interesting native plants and trees. As a result, Kunzea has enjoyed a recent boom in interest after the product was successfully introduced across global aromatherapy brands and today EOT have the infrastructure to support more brands and new product development in other areas on this incredible essential oil.

Capacities are set to increase in the coming years allowing for further engagement between the farmers, distillers and end users to take place, thus ensuring the product enters a successful and sustainable period.

Kunzea ambigua in blossom courtesy of

Download a Kunzea datasheet from the EOT Project Page.